Sew for Victory 2014



I’ve decided to join the Sew for Victory 2014; a vintage sew-along. This was created by Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille and it’s the second time it takes place. I’ve done a bit of sewing before but am still trying to learn and improve my technique so I’ve decided to make an apron. I think that will be challenging enough that I’ll feel like I’ve made an effort but not be so difficult that I’ll want to give up halfway because I can’t get the darts to match up or the seams equally straight. I’m definitely looking forward to it!


Kumihimo chakra bracelets

I had an idea about two weeks ago when I received my newest order of beads for my kumihimo bracelets. I had ordered some lovely blue and red beads and they gave me the idea of chakra bracelets. I’ve done some chakra work before and find it really beneficial so making bracelets as an aid to people who also work with chakras seemed like a great idea. I started with the root chakra because I had the beads for it already. The bracelet itself is made with glass beads of course and then I found an online shop where I could get semi-precious beads in singles as opposed to buying a whole string so I could test out the design. I chose to use a garnet for the root chakra, as this is one of the stones associated with that particular chakra. I also bought some bead caps and pins so I could attach the bead like a charm with a bit of decoration. I love how it turned out and have put up the first two in my shop. Here’s a sort of close up of the bead caps:

chakra armbånd 2

You probably noticed the blue bracelet. That’s the one for the throat chakra. Since I had the beads to make it I decided I might just as well, even though I would have liked to go from the first chakra to the seventh and not jump around (the root chakra is the first and the throat chakra is the fifth). But I’m trying to find beads for the bracelets I can’t make yet. The colour of the throat chakra is blue and I’ve used two colours of blue beads to make it and a turquoise for the bead.

chakra armbånd 1

So far I’m happy with making these bracelets and hope they will appeal to other people as well.